Introducing the Offline Challenge

Girls enjoying time with friends, not buried in their phones.

How do you keep your students off the phone and focused on their lessons? This is the question teachers, guidance counselors and even parents are trying to answer every day. Live Offline teamed up with the STEM director at Our Lady of Peace high school in San Diego. We created an extracurricular project to challenge the AP Stats class to disconnect for two weeks and journal their new daily habits.

This challenge started off with Live Offline educating the students on the advantages of offline time and do some brainstorming as to what a good activity would be. They needed to keep the activity simple and limit it to 20 minute increments, in the beginning. Remember, its not always about how long but more about consistency and reflection. For two weeks these girls did everything from drawing, exercising, practicing handwriting, and spending one on one time with grandparents or other loved ones.

After the first week’s check in, we noticed how hard it was for some to be consistent; they said 20 minutes offline was hard to plan into a day. Others really enjoyed the unrestricted time with the friend or family. This is normal - finding motivation is difficult - especially when trying something new/breaking routine in the latter part of the day.  

"By doing this project, I learned how to be consistent and overcoming laziness. I learned that it is hard to do something you don't want to do, but it is worth it in the end.”

After two weeks each student presented her experience to the class and submitted her reflections on the activity. Its amazing how in two weeks they were able to accomplish so much and improve a skill. These girls were so excited about what they had done over 50% of them continued the challenge even after the project was completed. They noticed a different self, an offline self that they really liked and wanted to continue.  

"My biggest learning experience was that it is truly necessary to take some time for myself, disconnected and offline. It helped me to feel peaceful and at ease, for once, rather than stressing about school or just wasting time on social media."

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